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Mia V. Duo Rollerball Perfume

Mia V. Duo Rollerball Perfume

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Parfum d' amour

A scent is a feeling, and our brand has always had an attachment to what it makes you feel.

For 10 years, I have been working passionately towards this very moment, where Mia V., the scent of love, is born and available to all women. The scent reflects my daughter, my brand and myself. It has a warm, soft, skin-like, cashmere feeling. It has sensual amber notes that are a recipe to make you feel beautiful, and make the world turn and look at you through eyes of love.

Created with love, so that love will follow you.



Wear it, feel it, be it. This garment was infused with love from my heart to yours. A woman should always feel confident, comfortable and elegant wherever she goes. Elegance is an attitude. -Alina Villasante
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