Peace Love World is a luxury lifestyle brand brought to life by Founder and Designer, Alina Villasante, through the commitment to spreading peace, love and happiness wherever she goes.

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In 1999, Alina began an annual tradition of gathering her favorite ladies for a night of camaraderie called the Love Party. She designed t-shirts, jewelry and pajamas incorporating her symbols of peace, love and happiness. Her friends' obsession with the designs inspired Alina to take her love of fashion to the next level. In 2009, she combined her commitment to spreading positivity and her passion for design and fabrics to officially launch Peace Love World.

Today, the Peace Love World movement has built a community on QVC through the opportunity to be part of major campaigns, such as Giving Tuesday and International Women's Day. The first collection with QVC launched on Giving Tuesday in 2016. Being chosen as the philantropy arm grave Alina the chance to spread the energy through her voice. The partnership with QVC continues to expand into sectors beyond apparel and it all started with a message and a chance to gice back.

Peace Love World is a movement. Every garment is branded with positive affirmations and infused with love in the form of eight embroidered red dash-marks, one dash for every letter in the word's "love" and "amor". Alina lives with the intention for more women to feel beautiful and teach them that if you want to feel something, become it and then you will attract it.

PLW Family

"A woman should always be confident, comfortable and elegant wherever she goes. Elegance is an attitude."

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